Frequently Asked Questions

Road Maintenance and Engineering

  • Who takes care of Traffic or Street light Outage:  Dependent upon the location depends upon which local agency is responsible for the Traffic or Street light outage. Click here for a list of Nevada County lights and what agency to contact for all other outages. 
  • The culvert under my driveway is clogged, who is responsible for clearing it?: Culverts under the driveway are the sole responsibility of the Property Owner and are not maintained by the County. 
  • My private road needs grading: The County maintains 562+ miles of Public Roads, CSA, and PRD roads.  The County does not maintain Private Roads. Check with your neighbors, HOA or Neighborhood Association for information on how your private road is maintained.  
  • Dead animals: The County currently contracts with a private entity for carcass removal. Contact Animal Carcass Removal at 866-478-3323
  • Abandoned Vehicles:  Abandoned Vehicles are handled by the Code Enforcement department available at 530-470-2750 or by opening a work order through the service request work order application.  Vehicles that parked in a County Road Right-of Way that are occupied, including campers, trailers and motorhomes, are not considered abandoned vehicles . 
  • How do I get speed monitoring on our road:
  • I am sponsoring a marathon; do I need to submit for any permits? Yes, you will need to apply for an Encroachment Permit for your event. 
  • Vegetation is overgrown and becoming a fire hazard. How do I get the County to take care of it? You can request service in one of three ways.   Open a work order using the service request work order application. Call Public Works at (530) 265-1411 to open a work order.  Submit an email through the Public Works email address.  A Public Works Staff Member will determine if the vegetation is on public or private property, will inspect the location, and get the work scheduled.  

Wastewater/Sanitation District

  • We just bought a home and need to switch the Sewer billing into our name: Sewer charges are billed through Annual Tax bills.  Ownership changes are handled by the County Recorders office. 
  • Where can I find out what my annual sewer charges  - Annual Sewer Charges
  • What is a home owner responsible for maintaining their sewer system? Sewer Maintenance
  • How do I find out if I can connect to the sewer system? Check out the Sanitation District Zone Map to see if your neighborhood is part of a Sanitation District. If you can connect and want more information, click here on how to apply for a permit for a new sewer connection. 

Solid Waste and Trash Services