Sewer Connection Permit


Applying for Sewer Connection

Sewer Connection Permits are required for connecting to a sewer system within Nevada County Sanitation District 1. Connection fees and sewer capacity availability vary by zone. Sewer capacity required will vary depending upon the property's use and is determined by District staff. The following steps will help guide you through the application process. 

    1. Establish the designated Sanitation District Zone for your property
      1. Consolidated Zone #1
        • Zone 1 - Lake Wildwood
        • Zone 6 - Penn Valley
        • Zone 12 - Valley Oak Court
      2. Consolidated Zone #2
        • Zone 2 - Lake of the Pines/Darkhorse
        • Zone 11 - Higgins Village
      3. Zone 4 - North San Juan
      4. Zone 5 - Gold Creek
      5. Zone 7 - Mountain Lake Estates
      6. Zone 8 - Cascade Shores
      7. Zone 9 - Eden Ranch 
    2. Download the following documents:
      1. General Sewer Connection Application
      2. Supplemental Pump Tank Application 
      3. Associated Supplemental Package for your zone
      4. Owner's Information Package.
    3. Submit the following items to Public Works as the Application package: 
      1. Sewer Connection Application
      2. Pump Tank Application (where applicable)
      3. Supplemental package forms where applicable (Right of Entry forms, Specs Manuals)
      4. Two (2) copies of an 11x17 Site Plan (NO LARGER)   - The site plan must show all sewer system components to be installed per the design requirements for your zone (i.e. sewer lines, tanks, alarm panels, clean-outs, etc.)
      5. Payment must be by check made payable to Nevada County Public Works. Refer to the attached table on fees for your specific zone.
    4. Ways to submit package:
      1. Currently, Sewer Permits CAN NOT be submitted electronically or online through the Citizens Access Portal. 
      2. Packages can be submitted as follows:
        1. Mail to: 
          Community Development Agency
          Public Works Department    
          950 Maidu Ave  
          Nevada City, CA 95959
      3. Drop-off: Nevada County Government Center - Community Development Agency - 950 Maidu Ave, Nevada City, 


  • A list of all sewer-related fees can be found at the following link: Sewer Fees
  • For Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU's) less than 750 sqft, impact fees cannot be charged per SB13, however, connection charges are still applicable.