Fares and Passes


Nevada County Connects provides service in two zones.

  • Zone 1 fares apply to passengers traveling within the local bus zone (Grass Valley, Nevada City, and the Brunswick Basin). 
  • Zone 2 fares apply to passengers traveling on regional routes 5 (Auburn), 6 (Penn Valley), and 7 (North San Juan). The route 5 zone 2 boundary is Alta Sierra Drive. The route 6 zone 2 boundary is Bitney Springs Road. The route 7 zone 2 boundary is Newtown Road.
  • Transfers (Non-transferable)
    • Please obtain transfers upon boarding the bus. 
    • Transfers are ONE-WAY and must be used on the next available connecting route, traveling in the same general direction, with route indicated on transfer. TRANSFERS MAY NOT BE USED FOR ROUND-TRIP TRAVEL.
    •  Additional fare may be charged if traveling within two zones and using a transfer.

Cash Fares
 Cash FaresDaily Pass (Non-transferable)Daily Pass (Non-transferable)Monthly Pass (Non-transferable)Monthly Pass (Non-transferable)
Rider Type Zone 1Zone 2Zone 1Zone 2Zone 1Zone 2
Adult (18+)$1.50$3.00$4.50$7.50$45.00$90.00
Discount (Seniors 65+/Disabled/Youth (6-17)$.75$1.50$2.25$3.75$22.50$45.00

Purchasing One Ride, Daily Passes, and Monthly Passes

Payment for One Ride and Daily Passes

Bus Drivers will only accept fares in exact cash payments (daily pass or regular cash fare). If you prefer to pay with debit or credit you may due so by purchasing a Monthly Pass.  

Payment for Monthly Passes

The Transit Services Division accepts cash, check, debit, and/or credit card payments for the purchase of bus passes only. Please note that there is a $2.50 processing fee when using a debit or credit card for purchasing bus passes. Transit Services Division will no longer accept personal checks under $20.00.

  • Monthly bus passes may be purchased at the Tinloy Transit Center (118 Tinloy St., Grass Valley) on the first 3 business days of the month between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM. 
  • Monthly passes may also be purchased at the Nevada County Transit offices, located at 12350 La Barr Meadows Rd., Grass Valley, Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM.

Discount Fare ID cards

Nevada County Connects (NCC) issues Discount Fare Picture ID cards to eligible users. Discount Fare ID cards are available at the Transit Services office or the Tinloy Transit Center at the dates and times noted above. The application is located below along with the accepted documentation for eligibility. ALL DISCOUNT FARE USERS WILL BE REQUIRED TO OBTAIN A DISCOUNT FARE ID CARD.

Discount Fare Card application

NCC issues Discount Fare Picture ID cards to eligible users. The Discount Fare Card will be required in order to receive a discount fare on our system. 

Click this link Discount Fare Card Application to fill out your application. Print your application and bring both pages and the required documentation to the address listed on the form.

Discount Fare Eligibility Requirements

The following forms of identification are required in order to be eligible for discounted fares. All applicants must have and show a valid photo ID.

  • Senior (65+)
    • A valid state Driver's License or picture/age ID card
    • A valid Medicare card (not Medi-Cal)
  • Disabled
    • DMV printout showing the name for DMV Disabled placard
    • A valid Medicare card (not Medi-Cal)
    • ADA Paratransit eligibility card issued by County of Nevada Transit Services
    • ADA or Disabled ID eligibility document issued by another transit agency
    • Veteran's ID card with "SERVICE CONNECTED" or a Dept. of Veterans Affairs disabled veteran letter
  • Youth (6-17) fare is subject to age and photo identification. (School or age ID)
  • Single PCA fare waived when accompanied passenger has approved Travel with PCA-ADA Paratransit Eligibility Card.

Nevada County Connects offers a Low-Income Pass Referral program for Western Nevada County residents who meet the following eligibility criteria. To use this program,  a partner agency that can verify annual income must refer you, such as FREED, Nevada County Department of Social Services, or Connecting Point.

  1. Partner agency will verify annual income of between 138 – 200 percent of Federal Poverty Level guidelines for the fiscal year.
  2. Consumer may not be receiving transit benefits from another funding source currently (i.e. block grant, CalWorks etc.). These funds may not supplant/replace funds currently used to provide transit benefits.

Eligibility is for six months only; after six months, the referring agency must submit a new referral form for an individual. 

Link to printer-friendly form Low-Income Referral Form-Printer  Link to interactive fillable form Interactive Low-Income Referral Form

This program is funded via State of California Low Carbon Transit Operations Program (LCTOP) grant funds.

Nevada County Connects “Golden Ticket”

The Golden Ticket is a Lifetime Pass for seniors aged 80 and over. The Golden Ticket will provide the pass holder with unlimited free rides on all NCC routes (1 – 7) for the pass holder's lifetime. Eligibility is open to all Nevada County seniors with proof of age (valid California ID card or Driver’s License).

In addition, NCC will be partnering with Connecting Point to offer Travel Training to any interested persons seeking assistance in utilizing the fixed-route bus system.

**The Golden Ticket pass is not for use on Nevada County Now paratransit services.