Current & Future Projects

Current and Future Projects

The Department of Public Works uses its Annual Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) to identify project projections for the upcoming 5-years. Each year the CIP is updated and presented to the Board of Supervisors for review and approval. 

Once a project commences, Public Works provides continual updates and project status through this website as well as other forms of social media and communication. The current and updated status of projects in process is regularly posted on our Facebook Page.

Information on future projects is provided as those projects enter the planning stages and there is data to communicate to the Public. 

Key Current and Future Capital Improvement Projects

Annual Capital Improvement Plan

The Department of Public Works updates its Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) on an annual basis to provide the Board of Supervisors – and the community – with information outlining road maintenance and capital improvement expenditures and revenues for the next four years. The 2023 CIP represents a 5-year, $147 million program investment in public roads and infrastructure from July 2022 thru June 2027.

The CIP has been modified and streamlined in recent years to improve transparency while addressing the county’s priority road safety, maintenance, and capital improvement activities over a five-year period. Project sheets are included to provide the Board and public with relevant project facts and information, including project locations, descriptions, justification, anticipated construction dates, project costs, and funding sources. In addition, budgeting sheets are included to improve transparency.

For more information on current and future projects, please download our annual Capital Improvement Plan.