Restrictive Covenant Modification Information


Document Processing Steps:

  1. Member of the public/Entity obtains Restrictive Covenant Modification form from County Clerk-Recorder’s Office
  2. County Clerk-Recorder’s Office accepts completed Modification, along with an attached original or certified copy of the instrument being modified (with the restrictive language stricken), and forwards both documents to County Counsel’s Office
  3. County Counsel determines whether unlawful restrictive language exists in original document being modified
  4. Document returned by County Counsel to County Clerk Recorder, along with determination whether Modification should be recorded
  5. If recordable, Restrictive Covenant Modification recorded. Modification must be indexed in the same manner as the original document being modified. Making document a double document.
  6. Original recorded document will be returned to name and address on document

Document Requirements:

  1. Title of form: “Restrictive Covenant Modification (Racial or Otherwise Unlawfully Restrictive Covenant)”
  2. Name of owner(s) (On 7/1/2022 changes to Signature of Requesting Party(s))
  3. Identification of original document being modified by reference to book, page, or instrument number, along with page(s) where restrictive language is located
  4.  Attached copy of document being modified must be attached to Restrictive Covenant Modification, and restrictive language must be redacted
  5. Signature of owner(s) (On 7/1/2022 changes to Signature of Requesting Party(s))
  6. Signature(s) Acknowledged (will not be required after 7/1/2022)
  7. Approval by County Counsel

Recording Fee:

$15.00 for first page

$15.00 for each additional title

$  3.00 for each additional page      

Restrictive Covenant Modification Form