Notary Filing & Recording

Filing of a Notary Oath and Bond is done upon successful completion of the state required testing (Government Code Section 8201.)


The Oath and Bond must be filed in the County where the Notary maintains his/her principal place of business. This must be presented to the County Clerk Recorder Office within thirty (30) days of the Commission date. (Government Code section 8213(a) ) All Notary Commissions are valid for four (4) years.

Filing Requirements

  • Secretary of State Notary Commission certificate
  • Two copies of the Oath
  • Bond in the amount of $15,000
  • Filing Fee and Recording Fees for Bond: All fees can be found on the Fee Schedule (PDF)

Alternative Filing Requirements

You may take your Oath before another Notary Public in the county where you maintain your principal place of business.

Once another Notary has given you the Oath, the two copies of the Oath, bond and appropriate filing fees are to be forwarded to the County Clerk Recorder Office, by certified mail, in order to complete the filing and recording requirements within the thirty (30) day time limit.

Resignation of a Notary

Upon termination of you Notary, all notary records and papers shall be delivered to the County Clerk Recorder Office within thirty (30) days of that termination.

Website Reference

State of California Notary Division