Municipal Service Reviews (MSR)

A Municipal Service Review is a comprehensive review of provision of specified services within a designated geographic area. Its purpose is to evaluate the provision of services on a regional basis and to recommend actions, when necessary, to promote the efficient provision of those services.

The service reviews are intended to help LAFCo, the public and other agencies better understand the public service structure and evaluate options for the provision of efficient and effective public services. LAFCo uses the information and analysis provided by the Municipal Service Review (MSR) to ascertain whether an agency can provide adequate and efficient services to the areas in the agency’s sphere within the applicable time frame.

Review Preparation

LAFCo will prepare or update the appropriate Municipal Service Reviews prior to or in conjunction with the adoption or update of an agency’s sphere of influence plan. In general, LAFCo will conduct such reviews on a service-by-service basis for designated geographic areas.

The Commis­sion will periodically develop and implement a multi-year coordinated schedule for preparing MSRs and updating spheres of influence, in accordance with the legislature’s direction to review each agency’s sphere of influence every five years and update as necessary.