LAFCo Commission Meetings

Upcoming LAFCo Meetings

LAFCo’s Next Regular Meeting - February 15, 2024

Agenda materials submitted for the Commission’s attention at least 72 hours before the meeting are available for review at the LAFCo office and are posted online.  Members of the public who wish to take advantage of the Zoom Link will be able to request the Passcode on or before February 9, 2024.

Meeting Information

The Commission may take action upon any item listed on the Agenda at any time during the meeting. Scheduled items will normally be heard at the time noted, but the Commission may interrupt or defer discussion in order to deal with other matters. Pursuant to Section 54953 of the Government Code, Commissioners participating at the remote site shall have the same rights to participate as if they were present at the primary meeting site. Members of the public may also attend the meeting at the site specified above and participate in the meeting as if they were at the primary meeting site.