Job Postings Using NeoGov

Welcome to Information Regarding Our Job Posting Page

County of Nevada utilizes NeoGov for application and recruitment administration. NeoGov is an automated recruitment and selection system. Job seekers are able to quickly apply online for one or more position currently open on our job posting page.

Job types

Categories of job types are found by clicking on the Menu button. Open jobs are available to members of the public and County employees. Promotional positions are open to County employees who have attained regular status by completing one year of service in a County position. Temporary positions are open to both members of the public and internal employees. Internships are designed for students and recent graduates.


Instructions for completing an application on line are found by first clicking on the Menu button, and then clicking on the Help and Support option.

Job descriptions are also found on our job posting page. After navigating to the menu, select "Job Descriptions." 
For those job seekers interested in being automatically notified of new postings, please click on the Menu button, and then click on the Job Categories option. Select the category (or categories) of positions you are interested in, and when a position becomes open for one of your categories, you will receive an email. If you have previously subscribed to our job listing updates, you will need to renew your subscription in this manner.

Best of success with your career plans.
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