Intern Program at Nevada County

Program Overview

The Human Resources Office administers an award winning vibrant, made-to-order internship program designed to provide learning and experience opportunities for individuals in the community, high school and college students, and members of the military community.  We solicit departmental needs and create unique internship opportunities covering a wide range of fields and interests. We promote our internship opportunities to a broad swath of the community. In addition, we encourage citizens to reach out to us to inform us of their areas of interest, and we attempt to match them to an internship opportunity.  We strive to reach and teach!  We attempt to ignite interest in public sector careers by providing meaningful internship experiences.

If you would like to intern for Nevada County you can start here:

Internship Inquiry Application

To learn about current internship opportunities, visit our Job Postings page and type "intern" in the search bar, then select any internship opportunity you are interested in.

Our Internship Program is like no other.  It changes lives, provides career opportunities, and positively impacts County operations at no cost.  

CA State Association of Counties Challenge Award

Project/Program Contact: 

Steve Rose, Director of Human Resources, County of Nevada