Scheduling & Cancellations


Use of the rooms is non-exclusive, and the County reserves the right to schedule non-conflicting use of building within the time frame of the agreement.

Cancellation of Reservations

Renter may cancel reservations and/or this agreement 15 or more business days prior to the scheduled event date, in which case the rental payment and cleaning deposit shall be returned to the renter. If the renter cancels within 14 or fewer business days of the scheduled event, only the cleaning deposit shall be returned. Business days are defined as days when County administrative offices are open to receive the public for usual business (typically Monday through Friday).

In the event the County receives a request by a Congressionally Charted Veterans Organization to use the premises on the same date and such request is submitted six months or more in advance of the said date, the County has the right to cancel the agreement (as provided in Paragraph 2 of Resolution 96509 of the Nevada County Board of Supervisors).