Find a Job

Employment Services

Nevada County residents can visit:

  • 10075 Levon Avenue
    Truckee, CA
    Phone: 530-550-3015
These centers offer unlimited employment services. They provide training and assistance, and they have the computer and office resources needed for success.


If you are not sure where your local office is, the Employment Development Department of California has the link to all offices. There are also some excellent links and information on their website.

To find out about other resources in Nevada County, visit the Employment Services page for links to many local employment resources. If you are interested in any program offered on this page, call your caseworker at (866) 901-3212 to discuss enrollment.

Website Searches

There are many web sites to help you in your job search. See the Employment Search Engines (PDF) for a list of sites.


Visit JobStar for links to local job fairs and other valuable resources.


Find more employment options at Adecco. See the Adecco Flyer (PDF) for details and registration information or you may visit their web site to see a listing of jobs.

Experience Works

A program called Experience Works is available for those who are 55 or older and need better job skills. Training is offered in a variety of areas including retail sales and hospitality. Visit Experience Works website for more information.

County Library

The Nevada County Library offers monthly computer classes in a variety of subjects. There are beginning computer classes, as well as Word and Excel classes. They also regularly offer a class on how to search for jobs on-line. Visit their calendar page to sign-up.

Further Information

Please call your worker to explain your current situation. We may be able to assist.