Contest a Ticket/Violation/Citation

How to Contest a Parking Citation

Nevada County follows the process as established by the State of California to contest a parking citation (California Vehicle Code 40215) Contesting a citation is a three level process consisting of:

Step One - An Initial Review

Step Two - An Administrative Hearing

Step Three - Court Appeal to Superior Court

No portion of the review process may be skipped!


Step One - Initial Review

Request an Initial Review with the issuing agency, within 21 calendar days of citation issuance or within 14 days from the Processing Agency’s notice. Notice of violations are sent to the registered owner of the vehicle.

When requesting an Initial Review of a citation, there is no payment necessary until a final Notice of Decision has been made on the citation.

Request for Initial Review of the citation can be made in person or in writing. Please be sure to include/provide any supporting documentation. Mailing and physical addresses for each issuing agency are:

Nevada County Sheriff Parking Department
950 Maidu Ave
Nevada City, CA 95959



Nevada City Police Department 530-265-4700

Grass Valley Police Department 530-477-4600

California Highway Patrol- Contact CHP for mailing address.

  • Area 230- Grass Valley CHP- 530-477-4900
  • Area 221- Gold Run CHP- 530-388-9100
  • Area 222- Truckee CHP- 530-563-9200

Follow these steps when requesting an Initial Review of a citation:

  • Enclose the original citation or a copy of the citation with the request
  • Enclose any evidence that would assist in the review or the basis for contesting the citation.

Based on the written explanation and supporting evidence provided, the Issuing Agency will determine whether there is sufficient proof to dismiss the violation and mail a written Initial Review Decision.

If the citation is found to be “Not Valid,” it will be dismissed and no further action is needed.

If the citation is found to be "Valid," the original amount of citation must be paid within 21 days to the Nevada County Collections Division.  At this time a cite may request an Administrative Hearing (see Step 2).

Step Two - An Administrative Hearing

If dissatisfied with the Initial Review result, the citee may, within 21 days of the mailing date of the Initial Review Decision, request an Administrative Hearing before a Hearing Examiner in person, by telephone or by mail.

Note: Under California Vehicle Code section 40215(b), a deposit of the full amount of the parking penalty before requesting a hearing unless you request the right to Waive the Hearing Deposit through a Financial Evaluation by the Nevada County Collections Division. To request this form calling (530) 265-1266. Hearing deposits can be made by check or money order or in person with a check, money order, cash or Visa or MasterCard.

Administrative Hearing Process:

It is crucial to the success of the request for dismissal that at the time of the Administrative Hearing you submit all supporting evidence such as:

  • Photographs
  • Any and all other documents in support of the appeal
  • All documentation submitted will be retained in the hearing file.

A Hearing Examiner will review the Written Declaration and supporting evidence.

Citee will be notified of the Hearing Officer's determination at the end of the hearing or soon afterward by mail. (It is suggested that the hearing decision is retained as a receipt for records.)

  • If the Hearing Officer determines the citation should be dismissed the deposit will be refunded.
  • If the Hearing Officer determines the citation will not be dismissed, the deposit paid with the hearing request will be applied to the citation.
  • If the cite does not agree with the decision of the Administrative Hearing Officer, they may request an appeal to Superior Court (see Step Three).

To Request An Administrative Hearing -  In-Person, by Telephone or by Mail:

To schedule a hearing, please do the following:

  • Provide a contact telephone number where the citee may be reached
  • Enclose a check or money order for the full amount of the citation as required (if a waiver of deposit has been granted no payment is necessary).
  • Mail Payment to:

Nevada County Collections Division 
 PO Box 599002
 Nevada City, CA 95959

  • The Hearing Officer will contact the citee with the date & time of the hearing if requesting an in-person or telephonic hearing.
  • The cite does not get to choose the hearing date. The dates for the hearing are chosen on a first come basis.
  • The hearings are usually scheduled three to four weeks after the request is received and will be within 90 days of the request for hearing.
  • A request to cancel or change the hearing appointment must be made within 48 hours before the date and time of the hearing by calling (530) 265-7118 or (530) 265-1266.
  • If a citee has any questions regarding the hearing they may contact the Administrative Hearing Officer at the phone numbers above.

Request to Waive Hearing Deposit

  • The Request to Waive Hearing Deposit Financial Evaluation form must be completed and returned with the request for an Administrative Review.
  • The Financial Evaluation form must be complete with all supporting documentation (per the instructions).

The application and supporting documents will be reviewed to determine if eligible for a waiver of penalty of hearing deposit and the citee will receive a written response to the request by mail before the Administrative Review Hearing is processed.

Step Three - Appeal to Superior Court

Note: According to California Vehicle Code section 40230(a), you may NOT skip the Initial Review or Administrative Hearing and file immediately for a Superior Court ruling.

If the Hearing Examiner does not dismiss your citation and you wish to continue contesting the citation, you may appeal the decision to Superior Court. You must request an appeal within 30-calendar days of the date of the Hearing Examiner’s decision. You must file for the appeal in person at the Superior Court. There is a $25.00 filing fee per citation required by the Court, which will be refunded to you if the judge rules in your favor.

Parking citation appeals may be filed at the address listed below:

Nevada County Superior Court
Civil Division 201 Church Street
Nevada City, CA 95959

 For a parking appeal packet go to the Nevada County Court Form Page and select forms CIV7 & CIV8