Executive Standing Committee

The Executive Committee is comprised of the elected Officers of the Commission. The Officers of the Commission include a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and Communication/Outreach. The Executive Committee is in charge of making recommendations to the Commission and implementing policies and procedures. 

Nominating Standing Committee

The Nominating Committee is composed of the Youth Commission Advisor and at least two but no more than four current commissioners. The Nominating Committee is in charge of reviewing applications and interviewing possible candidates for the Youth Commission. 

Ad Hoc Committees

The Ad Hoc Committees are temporary committee(s) that are appointed by the Chair of the Youth Commission for a specific set of time to target a particular purpose. The Ad Hoc Committee will consist of only Youth Commission members and consist of less than the majority of members in the commission. 

Target Committees

Target Committees will be decided by the Youth Commission at the beginning of each term and will align with the Nevada County Youth Commissions Purpose. The subcommittees with focus on a single objective and create an appropriate plan for completion.