California Children Services (CCS)

What We Do

California Children Services (CCS) provides diagnostic evaluation and treatment services for children with certain physically disabling medical conditions. CCS is a statewide program that treats children with certain physical limitations and chronic conditions or diseases.

Most physically handicapping conditions are eligible for benefits under the CCS Program. The CCS Program is funded by state, county and federal tax money, along with some fees paid by the parents. This tax supported program authorizes and pays for specific medical services and rehabilitation for children by CCS approved specialists and has a Medical Therapy Program.

CCS Eligibility

The program is open to anyone who:

  • Is under 21 years if age
  • Is a resident of Nevada County
  • Has or may have a medical condition that is covered by CCS
  • Has a family income of less than $40,000 reported as adjusted gross income on state tax return
  • Has a medically eligible child who has out-of-pocket medical expenses that are expected to exceed 20 percent of the family's California adjusted gross income
  • Has Medi-Cal coverage for the child