Escape Assessments

If property belonging on the local tax roll is not timely processed by the Assessor, it is termed an Escape Assessment.

This can occur due to different circumstances, however some of the more frequent reasons include the following:
  • Business property statements are not filed, or are not filed by the deadline
  • A Preliminary Change in Ownership Statement is not filed, or not filed timely
  • A change in ownership due to a death is not reported, or not reported timely
  • Non-permitted new construction is discovered after the fact
  • Taxable personal property is discovered during a business audit
  • Normal assessment processes are delayed to avoid a potential error on our part

If You Receive a Notice

If you have received a Notice of Proposed Escape Assessment, the reason for the notice will be stated.

The notice will also state the values we intend to place on the tax roll, and you should expect a tax bill to follow in a reasonable timeframe.

You have specific appeal rights, which are directly tied to the date on your notice, so it is important to read all the information carefully.


If you have any questions, please contact our office.​