Meeting Information & Video Streaming

Please see each meeting's agenda for information on public comment, meeting format, and how to participate in Board of Supervisors meetings. Agendas are located under "Upcoming Events" and "Meetings by Year" below. Agendas can also be found here.

The public may watch current Board meetings live (see agendas for details) and view archived meeting video recordings. Scroll in the box below to view meeting video and related documents. If you are having difficulty seeing the list of archived meetings below, check your browser settings or view the streaming site in the browser directly.

To browse all the Board Agendas, Minutes, Summaries, Resolutions and other public documents, use the public documents search tool or use the search box in the following archived video area. You can also download a one-page calendar of Board of Supervisors scheduled meetings (PDF) for the current year or visit the Board Office located in the Eric Rood Administrative Center, Suite 200.

Submit an eComment

To voice your pinion on upcoming Board meeting agenda items, use the Board’s eComment service. You can start submitting eComments when the agenda is released, which is generally each Thursday before the meeting. Although eComments can be submitted up until the start of the meeting, they should be received by 4:00 p.m. the evening before so that the Board members have time to review your input. The Board members receive all eComments.

All public comments on agenda items will be available to view online and become part of the administrative record of the meeting.”


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