Signature Update Form

Sometimes, it's necessary to provide an updated signature to ensure that your voter registration is current. Signatures sometimes change, either because you're young and are still figuring out what your signature will look like, or you had a medical event that fundamentally changed the way you write. Maybe you just haven't re-registered in a while and want to provide us with the most updated copy of your signature. No matter what your circumstances, we want to help you.

You might have been notified of the need to update your signature if it does not match the signature on your returned vote by mail ballot. We reach out because we want to do everything in our power to count your vote. But we cannot count the vote if the signatures are mismatched.

Our office may have several versions of your signature on file, especially if you have interacted with the Department of Motor Vehicles or other public service agency that has registered you to vote. We check all signatures on file before reaching out to anyone.

You may always re-register to vote to update your signature. Please refer to our information page about voter registration:

You may also provide our office with a signature update by completing our signature update form and returning it to our office. The form is found at