Recreation Board Objective

Board Objective

To promote sustainable recreation in partnership with community providers and other jurisdictions to enhance recreational access, support public health and safety, realize economic opportunities, and preserve natural resource assets.

The Challenge

Nevada County recognizes the connection between the health of people and ecosystems, tourism and outdoor recreation, and community resilience. The County will work with our community to address challenges and opportunities for Nevada County’s open space and organized recreation priorities, furthering solutions that promote community health, safety, economic development, environmental stewardship, and resilience.   

County Initiatives

  • Develop a Recreation and Resilience Master Plan to identify and advance key goals and objectives to address challenges and opportunities for Nevada County’s open space, trails and other recreational interfaces, and prioritize solutions that promote community health and safety, economic development, creative placemaking, landscape restoration, environmental sustainability, climate change adaptation, and resilience. The planning process will engage diverse partners including, but not limited to, public lands managers, nonprofit stakeholders, and user groups to plan, fund, and implement sustainable solutions. The plan will include clear identification of viable, prioritized recreation enhancement and development projects, and related funding strategies, in unincorporated Nevada County and that involve Nevada County government.
  • Identify and implement strategies to promote health and safety at river crossings, lakes, trailheads, and other high-use or high-risk areas. 
  • Collaborate with other organizations and jurisdictions to leverage resources and coordinate efforts to drive outcomes of enhanced recreation access, health and safety, economic development, and resource conservation.
  • Build capacity and support sustainability for Western County organized recreation by working with partner districts to make them viable and sustainable. 
  • Identify interim and long-term funding mechanisms and advocacy priorities to sustain recreation.
  • Staff and manage the collaborative effort to identify immediate high-level projects, promote coordination, and support the Recreation and Resiliency Master Plan.

Learn More

  • Review the site and learn more about recreation programming and what is going on in Nevada County.
  1. South Yuba River Cohort Press Conference 5.17.23 - NewsFlash

    Stay Out, Stay Alive: South Yuba River Public Safety Cohort Stresses Unsafe Conditions at the River

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    Help Shape Recreation in Nevada County: Take the Public Survey, Available Now Through April 16th

    Take a survey about how recreation can be improved throughout the county. The survey provides an opportunity to share concerns, hopes, and ideas for the future of recreation in Nevada County. Input from all community members is needed. Learn More
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    Nevada County Now Accepting Applications for Second Round of Outdoor Visitor Safety Fund Grants

    The County of Nevada is now seeking proposals for its Outdoor Visitor Safety Fund Grant Program, providing up to $434,000 in one-time grants to promote public health and public safety at highly impacted outdoor recreation destinations. Learn More
  4. Recreation and Resiliency Master Plan

    Nevada County Embarks on First-Ever Recreation and Resiliency Master Plan

    Nevada County is embarking on the development of a countywide Recreation and Resiliency Master Plan. The plan is a first for Nevada County, it's a first for California to integrate solutions for adapting to extreme weather and planning for recreation. Learn More
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    Get Outside: New Additions to the Library Recreation Collection

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    Nevada County Awards $415,570 in First Round of Outdoor Visitor Safety Fund Grants

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    Pines to Mines Trail Update August 26, 2022

    With the recent snow melt, work has begun on the Pines to Mines National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Environmental Assessment. Learn More

Progress Report

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