Food Safety

Food Handling Guidance Documents

It is essential to use safe steps in food handling, cooking, and storing to prevent foodborne illness. See the links below for helpful information to aid in prevention.

Food Safety Manager’s Certification Class and Exam:

California State Law requires that each food facility that prepares, handles, or serves non prepackaged Potentially Hazardous Food (PHF), must have at least one owner/employee that has passed a state-approved Food Safety Manager’s Certification Exam.  The certificate must be renewed every 5 years and shall be kept on-site at the food facility and made readily available to the health inspector upon request.

  • For ANSI accredited vendors click on the link below. 

American National Standards Institue (

  • At this time, Nevada County is not offering an in-person Food Manager Safety Certification class and examination.  As this situation changes, this website will be updated accordingly.  
  • Note: For any vendor in which you take your class and exam, it is highly recommended that you first acquire the book, read the book, and answer any practice quiz questions that might be available in said book.  There is a lot of material that is presented within these classes, and familiarizing yourself with the book before taking the class can be quite helpful in remembering the material during the exam.

Food Handlers Card Information

Most food facility employees are required to have a Food Handler Card issued by an accredited program.