Property Tax Division

The Auditor-Controller Property Tax Division is responsible for the calculation and preparation of the secured, unsecured, unitary and supplemental property tax bills; maintaining the property tax rolls and tax allocation systems; processing roll corrections and property tax refunds; allocating and accounting for property tax apportionment and assessments.


  • Coordinates tax matters between the State, Information Systems, the Assessor, Tax Collector, Cities, School Districts and other Special Districts
  • Compiles assessed valuations for all tax agencies and maintains the tax rolls
  • Sets the current and delinquent tax rates
  • Calculates and maintains the property tax apportionment factors and allocations
  • Projects County tax collections for the various taxing agencies
  • Apportions all property taxes to the taxing entities within the County which include the County, Cities, and the various Special Districts including Fire, Water, Cemetery, Recreation, Sanitation and Community Services Districts



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