Commercial Weighing & Measuring Devices

All commercial weighing and measuring devices must be registered with the Sealer of Weights and Measures of the County. Scanners do not need to be registered. An annual fee is charged for each location where devices are used and for each device. Device registration fees partially fund the inspection of the devices.

Application Fees

Loading Cement Blocks Onto a Trailer BedAnnual inspections of scales at grocery stores and gasoline meters (pumps) at filling stations keep weights and measures inspectors busy all year long. Other scales and measuring devices not often noticed by the general public include taximeters, truck and livestock scales, gas, electric, and water meters for mobile homes, LPG (propane), and vehicle tank meters, which are also inspected annually. When you see the Nevada County Seal on the device it means that its accuracy was verified.

Out of Compliance

Devices found to be out of compliance with standards are ordered out of service and cannot be used until corrected by the owner or by an authorized repair company. A device can only be placed back into service by a California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA)-licensed service agent or by a licensed Weights and Measures inspector. To maintain accuracy standards, the Department inspects devices after repair and re-attaches a County seal of accuracy.

If you have a concern about a measuring or weighing device used for any commercial transaction, please contact our department at 530-470-2690.