Find Your Supervisorial District

Mapping Service

Use our online GIS Parcel Mapping service to look up your Supervisorial District (and other districts, like Fire and Schools) as well.


After you open the link, you will first see a disclaimer. After accepting it, open the parcel discovery tool by selecting the green icon in the banner.  Then follow the five steps:

1. In the Parcel Discovery dialog, choose the search method (APN or Address)

Search Method

Parcel Discovery dialog

2. Enter an APN or address. (Note: you can enter a partial APN or address; you'll get a list of matches to choose from.)

APN or Address Bar

APN or address
3.  Hit your Enter key or the Search button.

4. When the results are displayed, select the Report icon next to the appropriate record.

Report Icon

Report icon
The results of your search are shown in the Results tab:

Results Tab

Results tab
If you would like to do another search, you can select the Search tab the top of the Parcel Discovery tool.

Search Tab

Search tab
Your Supervisorial District is listed under the Supervisor column:

Supervisor Column

Supervisorial District