Land Use Applications & Forms

Planning Department Land Use Applications are available for download. Some of the most commonly submitted applications include:

Application Guidelines

To assist you in the preparation of your application, project and application guidelines for common land use applications are provided below. Copies are also available at the Planning Department. If you have questions about the applications, please visit the Planning Department on the first floor of the Eric Rood Center in Nevada City.

Planning Application Guide 2022

Filing Fees for a Land Use Application

To review a summary of filing fees that correspond to a given Land Use Application, including Planning, Environmental Health, and Public Works fees, please review the Planning Department Fee Schedule (PDF).

Request for Project Notification

To request preliminary notification of proposed projects, please fill out the Request for Project Notification Form (PDF), being sure to specify the types and locations of projects of interest, and submit the form to:

Planning Department

950 Maidu Avenue, Suite 170

Nevada City, CA 95959

You can also email the form to the Planning Department.

To request further notification regarding a specific project, please contact the Project Planner to request special notification of public hearings and other opportunities to participate in the planning process. 

Commercial Cannabis Applications

Application packets and in-depth information on Administrative Development and Commercial Cannabis Permits are available on Nevada County's Cannabis Compliance webpage. Questions can also be emailed to the Cannabis Compliance Division.

Proposition 68 - Per Capita Grant Program

To assist in meeting the park and recreation needs of Nevada County residents, the Planning Department is soliciting proposals for capital improvement projects from eligible Nevada County Per Capita Grantees who desire to develop a new or improve an existing recreation facility. 

Proposition 68 - Per Capita Grant Program Application (PDF)

Applications, Guidelines & Forms

  1. Additional Checklist for Use Permit Applications for Communication Towers (PDF)
  2. Additional Checklist for Use Permit Applications Proposing a Comprehensive Master Plan (CMP) (PDF)
  3. Administrative Development Permit (ADP) (PDF)
  4. Administrative Development Permit (ADP) Application Packet - Cannabis
  5. Agreement to Pay Form (PDF)
  6. Agricultural Management Plan Guidelines (PDF)
  7. Amend an Approved Use or Development Permit (PDF)
  8. Amended Approved Maps (PDF)
  9. Application for Placement on Biological Consultant List (PDF)
  10. Biological Inventory Guidelines (PDF)
  11. Boundary Line Adjustment (Lot Line Adjustment) (PDF)
  12. Certificate of Compliance (PDF)
  13. Commercial Rafting Permit (PDF)
  14. Commercial, Industrial or Multi-Family Development Permit Guidelines (PDF)
  15. Common Fire Safe Regulations for Commercial Properties
  16. Design Review (PDF)
  17. Driveway Standards Handout (PDF)
  18. Easement Abandonment Combined Application Form (PDF)
  19. Employee Housing (over 5 units)- State Regulated (PDF)
  20. Employee Housing Guidelines (PDF)
  21. Exceptions to Fire Safe Regulations (PDF)
  22. Extension of Time (PDF)
  23. Farm Stands and Certified Farmers Market ADP (PDF)
  24. Fire Planner Consultation (PDF)
  25. Floodplain Guidelines
  26. General Land Use Application Form (PDF)
  27. General Plan and Rezone (PDF)
  28. Hazardous Materials Waste Statement Form (PDF)
  29. Home Business Permit (PDF)
  30. Large Family Day Care (PDF)
  31. Management Plan Guidelines (PDF)
  32. Management Plans (PDF)
  33. Map Check (Parcel and Final) (PDF)
  34. Minor Use Permit (PDF)
  35. Outdoor Event Application
  36. Petition for Exception to Driveway Standards 2022 (PDF)
  37. Petition for Exceptions to Road Standards (PDF)
  38. Petition for Exceptions to Waive Subdivision and or Road Standards (PDF)
  39. Planner Consultation (PDF)
  40. Pre-application Request (PDF)
  41. Pre-Qualified Biological Consultant List (PDF)
  42. Private Road Name (PDF)
  43. Procedures for Placement on Biological Consultant List (PDF)
  44. Project Information Questionnaire Form (PDF)
  45. Reclamation Plan Application for Projects not filed concurrently with a Mining Exploration Applicati
  46. Request for a Minor Change to an Approved Use or Development Permit (PDF)
  47. Request for Early Project Notice by Homeowners Associations Special Interest Groups Form (PDF)
  48. Resource Based Employee Housing (1-4 units)- County Regulated (PDF)
  49. Reversion to Acreage (PDF)
  50. Road and Driveway Information Form (PDF)
  51. Second Dwelling Unit- Consistent with Allowed Density (PDF)
  52. Second Dwelling Unit Guidelines (PDF)
  53. Setback Easement (PDF)
  54. Sign Permit Guidelines (PDF)
  55. Temporary Commercial Permit (PDF)
  56. Tentative Map (Parcel or Final) (PDF)
  57. Tentative Map Guidelines (PDF)
  58. Tree Removal within the Nevada City Sphere of Influence ADP (PDF)
  59. Use and Development Permit Application (PDF)
  60. Use Permit for Exploration Mining Reclamation and Environmental Assessment (PDF)
  61. Use Permit Guidelines (PDF)
  62. Use Permit to Allow Development within a Floodplain (PDF)
  63. Variance to Zoning Regulations (PDF)
  64. Voluntary Notice of Merger (PDF)
  65. Williamson Act (PDF)
  66. Williamson Act Guidelines (PDF)
  67. Williamson Act Sample Contract Form (PDF)
  68. Zoning Ordinance Amendments (PDF)