Emotional Health

Emotions can swing all over the place. There are ways to understand and handle them.

Emotional Health


Depression isn't just "all in your head;" it may be a real physical problem. Here's how to figure out why you're blue all the time.

Suicidal Thoughts

When hopelessness, depression and isolation get this intense, it's time to get help now. Save your life or someone else's with the resources.

Self Injury

What is it? Why would somebody do it? Getting help.


How can you talk about really personal stuff with your family?​ Learn how to approach any subject.

Internet & Emotional Health

These days, emotional health and personal security is uniquely tied to our social media and digital gadget use. Keep in mind that you are not your web profile, and that a text is just one aspect of a person, not the whole picture. Face to face is always a better way to interact with friends and romantic partners.