Voting By Mail in Nevada County

All registered active voters in Nevada County receive a vote-by-mail ballot each election and have the option to vote the mailed ballot or vote in person at any Vote Center throughout the County.

Vote by Mail in a Nutshell

The option to vote by mail has been an integral part of Nevada County's culture of voter participation since the legislature adopted a no-excuse absentee policy in 2002. Below, please take a look at a short video explaining the vote-by-mail process.


How To Return Your Ballot

Your official ballot is mailed 29 days before the election. There will be an official return envelope enclosed that you need to sign in order for your ballot to be counted. There are a few options for returning your ballot:

  • Mail your ballot to our office. The ballot must be postmarked on or before Election Day and received within 7 days of the Election to be considered timely. Please note that we recommend mailing your ballot no later than the Friday before Election Day to ensure that your ballot is counted.
  • Drop your ballot off at our secure drop-off box located in front of the Eric Rood Administrative Center, the secure drop box located at Truckee Town Hall, or any official ballot drop box location.
  • Drop your ballot off at Vote Center throughout Election Day.

Missing Signature On Ballot Envelope

In order for a vote by mail ballot to be counted, the ballot envelope must be signed by the voter or our office must receive an Unsigned Ballot Statement submitted by the voter. If our office receives an unsigned ballot envelope we will contact the voter via phone, mail, or email as soon as possible. The voter's ballot can be counted if the voter does any of the following:

  • Signs the ballot envelope at our office during regular business hours no later than two days before the election is certified.
  • Completes an Unsigned Ballot Statement and submits it to our office no later than two days before the election is certified.

Damaged Or Lost Ballots

If you lose or damage your ballot, please contact our office by phone at 530-265-1298, so that we can issue you a replacement ballot.

If it is too close to Election Day to issue you a new Vote by Mail ballot, you can do one of the following:

  • Go to the Elections Office to get a new ballot or vote in person.
  • Go to any Vote Center in Nevada County and request a replacement or vote in person. 

Mistakes on Vote by Mail Ballots

If you have made a simple mistake on your ballot or would like to choose a different candidate/option on a contest, we recommend that you ask for a new ballot. But if you don't have time to get a replacement, simply make it obvious as to what your intended vote is and we will count your vote accordingly. This is only an option if you are mailing in your ballot. If you are voting in person, the scanner will not know how you intend to vote.

Mailing Address Change

 If you would like a one time or permanent Vote by Mail mailing address change, you can fill in a request form, sign it, and return it to Nevada County Elections