Information Technology Strategic Plans

Document Definition

The  2022-2025 Information and Communication Strategic Plan (PDF) is a countywide devised and maintained document that outlines the direction and focus of information technology for Nevada County for the next three years. The strategic goals, as outlined by the Board, are the basis for the Plan and their positive input and direction continue to be greatly appreciated.

Evolving Outline

The Plan is a three-year "rolling" document, intended to be regularly updated. Although developed by the Information and General Systems Department, the enterprise-wide input and support of all the County departments and offices made this plan the living outline of what Nevada County will accomplish with IT on behalf of its citizens during the next several years.

The 2022 to 2025 Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Strategic Plan outlines seven strategic initiatives designed to build organizational capacity to address the County's service sustainability challenge.

Strategic Plan Objectives

  • Ensure that all ICT goals align with the strategic objectives of the County
  • Continue to build a foundation that fosters a common vision between Information Systems and partner departments
  • Provide the County with a consistent framework to help guide ICT investment decisions, streamline its decision-making process, and improve overall communication across ICT
  • Promote a collaborative work environment that allows the County to maximize employee talents and financial resources
  • Define the County's major ICT initiatives
  • Identify new technologies and trends, and define how to direct these technologies to help the departments
  • Create a document that can be used as an education tool for department heads and managers
  • Encourage a public-oriented view of technology
  • Provide a framework for our ongoing project prioritization process
  • Ensure business continuity, reliability, availability, and efficiency