Community Program Planning

To receive Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) funds, counties must plan, create and get Board of Supervisor approval for a MHSA county specific Three-Year Plan (PDF) that is consistent with the Act. The purpose of the Community Program Planning is to provide a structure and process counties can use, in partnership with their stakeholders, in determining how best to utilize funds that will become available from the Mental Health Services Act.


The Community Program Planning funds are to be used to:
  • Identify community issues related to mental illness resulting from lack of community services and supports, including any issues identified during the implementation of MHSA
  • Analyze the mental health needs in the community
  • Identify and re-evaluate priorities and strategies to meet those mental health needs
  • To develop on-going plan monitoring/oversight
In Fiscal Year 2004 / 2005 a separate allocation was provided to each county to start the community planning process for MHSA Community Services and Supports component. After this first year, counties were allowed a portion of every allotment of MHSA funds to go towards Community Program Planning.

Steering Committee

As a result of this Nevada County created the MHSA Steering Committee. The MHSA Steering Committee members and its subcommittee members has partnered with the Nevada County Behavioral Health Department to participate in the development of the Nevada County MHSA Three Year Plan and Annual updates.