High Friction Surface Treatment


HFST involves the application of very high-quality aggregate to the pavement using a polymer binder to restore and/or maintain pavement friction at existing or potentially high crash areas. The higher pavement friction helps motorists maintain better control in both dry and wet driving conditions
High friction surface treatments (HFST) are pavement treatments that dramatically and immediately reduce crashes, injuries and fatalities associated with friction demand issues, such as:
a reduction in pavement friction during wet conditions, and/or
a high friction demand due to vehicle speed and/or roadway geometrics.

While not an answer for corridor paving, HFST is an approach that has been demonstrated nationally and internationally and has provided significant increases in friction for spot applications. State-of-the-art friction measurement equipment has been used to verify the improved friction after installation.

Public Work's annual Road Rehabilitation project includes this application to various roads throughout the county. Click on the link below for this years map and a list of roads affected by the application

For more information on High Friction Surface Treatment and associated statistics visit the U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Highway Administrations website. 

Annual List of Roads
Annual Map of Roads