Celebrate Screen-Free Time!

We look forward to celebrating Screen-Free Week when COVID-19 allows. In the meantime, try out a screen free moment throughout the year!

EDUCATE: Learn some facts on screen time's effects to inspire your efforts. Look over the Screen-Free week Family Guide in English or Spanish and get your creative juices flowing. Learn some real-life strategies for reducing your family's reliance on screen time with this campaign. Check out UC Cooperative Extension's newsletter on screen time  as well as one focused on preschoolers.  For the preschool set, here are the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations for screen time: 

APA Screen Time Recs

SCREEN FREE ACTIVITES, ANYTIME: Use our list of suggested activities below to bring old-school fun back into your life. Download trail maps and our library's event schedule ahead of time to cut down on your web searching during the week. Pick up some books about screen-free kids to share with your family. 

Check out www.screenfree.org for more ideas. There are even apps to put on your phones & devices that will keep you away from them: Mute, Moment and Space are just a few. The Forest app even allows you to grow a tree on your device if you don't use it!

Check out events throughout the year at the library, Bear River Land Trust,  Folk Trails Hiking Club, NEO and Sierra Harvest. 

For more inspiration year long, post this 101 Screen-Free Activities flyer on your fridge or over your screens in English or Spanish.  Host game nights at home. Make dinner time screen free.

We look forward to seeing you celebrate being screen free throughout the year!