Any permit submitted to the Town of Truckee that involves a parcel in Nevada County with either a septic system or well, requires a Building Clearance from NCDEH if it involves the following:

  • Changing the original footprint of the home (Additions, decks, patios)
  • Adding or changing any accessory structures (Garages, storage buildings, carports, pools)
  • Changing the number of bedrooms (additions, remodels)

When applying for a building permit with the Town of Truckee, please provide an additional site plan with the septic system accurately shown for NCDEH to conduct the review as timely as possible. 

You may bring your project to Over the Counter Thursdays at the Town of Truckee Building and Planning Department from 8:00 AM-11:00 AM to complete this process more quickly. During Over The Counter Thursdays, if you have a copy of the original and stamped septic site plans that can be easily verified by an Environmental Health staff member, you do not have to fill out a Building Clearance Application or pay the fee. 

If you are not submitting on Over the Counter Thursdays, you will have to complete the Building Clearance Application and pay a fee:

  1. To fill out the TOT Building Clearance Application Packet, please save the form to your computer, fill out ALL sections, save again and email it back to Env.Health@co.nevada.ca.us.
  2. We charge a one-hour fee of $181.42 that can be paid online. Choose EH Service Requests and when prompted, please put "PE4835 APN __-___-__" for Type of ServiceIf you choose to not pay online, you can mail a check to Nevada County Environmental Health at 950 Maidu Ave. Suite #170, Nevada City, CA 95959.