DirectBill Program

In our efforts to improve efficiency and to simplify the business property assessment process, the Assessor has implemented a DirectBill Program (PDF) for select businesses meeting certain criteria. The program reduces the amount of paperwork for both the business owners in the program and for the Assessor. 


The primary eligibility factors for the DirectBill Program include assessable property under $100,000, a history of relatively constant property value, and only one business location within the county. Other factors are also considered. The Assessor will determine which businesses will be included in the program and will notify those businesses each year.

How it Works

While in the DirectBill Program, businesses will normally be required to file a Business Property Statement at least once every four years. In the other three years, they will be sent a Notification of Proposed Assessment, along with an update form to use if there are changes to personal property and fixtures. If there are no changes to report, the assessor will enter the assessment on the roll. If there are minor changes, the records will be updated to reflect the changes and a new value will be established. The Tax Collector will send a tax bill later in the year.

New Businesses

Annually, our business property appraisers review business accounts to determine whether other businesses could be added to the DirectBill Program. Those which are added would be required to file that first year, and then they would file on a four-year cycle.

Business Changes

Sometimes a business will have changed significantly, or no longer meets the requirements of the program. Those businesses may be removed from the program, or they may be required to file more frequently until they become more stable for assessment purposes.

More Information

There are more rules and guidelines that need to be considered. You can always call our Business Property division at 530-265-1259 with questions.