Request a State or Fair Hearing


Sometimes an applicant or recipient doesn't agree with an action that a county worker takes on an application or case. A client has several steps or choices. One choice is to speak to the worker and/or a supervisor to see if things can be resolved at the department level.

A next step or alternative is to file a Fair Hearing Request (NA Back 9 (PDF)) within 90 days of the county's action. The 90 day period begins to run when the county mails you a notice of action.

Requesting a State Hearing

You can request a State Hearing in writing by sending a Request for State Hearing to the State Hearing Office or to the County office, or you can call the State Hearing Office at 800-952-5253 or 800-952-8349 (TDD) or call the Hearing Officer at the County Office at 530-265-1644. For more information and support, visit the California Department of Social Services and Legal Services of Northern California.

Additional Information

For more information on filing a hearing request for the Medi-Cal program, visit the California Department of Health Services.